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This Copper-Nickel weld metal is widely used for marine and desalination appliions. Dissimilar-welding appliions for this alloy are joints between Monel alloys or Nickel 200 and Copper-Nickel alloys. Often used for surfacing on steel by using Ceweld NiTi-3 as a barrier layer.


Wear and corrosion cause estimated damage of hundreds of billions of euros per year worldwide! Extending service life Increase production Renovation of parts that the market does not offer Casting quality is inadequate Weight saving Reduced costs Benefits:

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Mig-Tig welding wire for CuNiFe (Cunifer 10 and 30) Cunifer (Copper-Nickel-Iron alloy) was developed to offer corrosion resistance in marine environments against seawater as by sea water tubing, desalting equipment and similar appliions. In the past also CuNi10Fe was a common used alloy but is now mainly replaced by CuNi30Fe because of better

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A, Argweld Weld Trailing Shield® fitted onto the welding torch provides a superior purge to the tops side of the root as it is cooling. Ensure at any Tack welds are fully purged. Use Aluminium Tape rings to contain the purge during tacking and root welding. Tape rings prevent adhesive sticking to the joint area and possibly transferring to the weld.

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Certilas® has developed unique tools that enable you to do your welding calculations in a trice. Read more © 2021 Ceweld Nederland B.V. | Gloxinialaan 2, 6851 TG Huissen, The Netherlands | T +31 (0)26

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Ceweld® go''s further, bigger multinationals usualy have production units in several countries that makes it practicaly impossible to grand each badge within à certain classifiion. To avoid this from happening all our seamless fluxcored, coppercoated welding wires are made at …


Also you can search in "material to be welded" and our database will guide you to the right filler metal for the job. Read more © 2021 Ceweld Nederland B.V. | Gloxinialaan 2, 6851 TG Huissen, The Netherlands | T +31 (0)26

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Ceweld Welding is the formation of permanent and non-dismountable joints. Briefly, it´s simple, but the issue of welding is a continuously developing and unexplored area. Our company deals with welding. We are an exclusive importer of additional welding materials of the CEWELD brand for the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic.